Website Creation Steps – The Audio and Video Process

Website Creation StepsI know this series on Website Creation Steps has been a long process and it seems to you that we are slow to put this website into operation. Actually we are working on things although we have run into some snags. This post is to bring you up to speed on negotiations we are working on. The actual work on the site itself has been put on hold for the time being. But we have not stopped working on the project or for the Website Creation Steps series.

To begin with, during my last visit to Harrison, Arkansas in October 2012, I did in fact meet with Mark Jones a couple of times to talk business, eat and also have fun at one of his music appearances. The main reason for the slow-up in our venture is that we are having a lot of trouble trying to contact Brad Davis. We were hoping that Brad could give us insight for the recording and video process. Normal training videos that you see a lot of in the Internet Marketing realm, is pretty easy. Creating a music training video requires special audio recording equipment. Creating a music training video also requires special video techniques like having a split screen showing left and and right hand close-ups at the same time.

Website Creation Steps – Audio and Video Expertise

Brad Davis (nicknamed “The Shredder”) has mastered his guitar training videos over time and now has put together what we believe is the best setup in the business. To be successful and have the best quality sound and video we wanted to pick his brain and copy/implement his processes. But, even though Greg Davis (Brads older brother) gave Mark Jones Brads direct phone number, we have not been able to connect with him. Brad Davis has been busy teaching, playing concerts, recording and making appearances all over America. I’m not sure if he has been elsewhere in the world this year. Brad also runs his own full time recording studio in Texas. I wish he would get back to us. Doesn’t he know that he is hurting my Website Creation Steps series?

Website Creation Steps – Not Getting Ahead of Ourselves

Mark Jones and I do not want to purchase equipment that we need only one time, so we are contacting different friends and businesses (doing interviews) that can provide good audio and videotographer to produce the videos for us, at least for the time being. The idea is to move forward and get videos online. As we progress we will determine what equipment to use and learn how to work the entire process. We will accomplish our equipment procurements once we are certain of what we need. We will train ourselves or maybe even go to class so we can operate the equipment and process properly. We realize we have to learn to walk before we can run.

Website Creation Steps – Recent Decisions We Have Made

Website Creation StepsI have decided to use Amazon S3 for storing the videos. I then link them to the site using a newly improved product called Easy Video Suite (son of Easy Video Player) put together by Josh Bartlet which comes out in January.

Amazon S3 is really going to be great for Mark Jones Music Lesson’s and will really be cool to demonstrate it in our Website Creation Steps series of post. Amazon S3 is great for videos and products that you want to sell or give away. They have large enough servers to handle videos being played without being slow and of course for individual digital products. It is all done securely over links to your site or downloading for individual sales.

Storage space is inexpensive (very affordable) and the big thing is the speed of their servers so your videos are not delayed. There is nothing worse waiting for videos to load or video skipping while your watching one.

Easy Video Player was THE PLUGIN for linking S3 videos to your site. I do not know any of the major videos marketer that did not invest in it. Well, the upgraded product which is called Easy Video Suite is about to launch in January. Matt Wolf has published two videos on what is in store and it is going to be much easier work with than the first version plus a bunch of add-on perks. I have watch the first two videos and I am already sold, but Matt says the good part is yet to be put out. So I’m waiting to see what else this product encompasses.

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