Website Creation Steps – Additional Planning in the Mix

Website Creation Steps, Danny Dozier, Larry Sledge, Greg Davis, Mark Jones, Ramona Jones, Alisa Jones Wall, Ron Wall, Ruth McLain SmithA reminder that this Website Creation Steps Series of posts follows the progress and decisions that Mark Jones (son of Grandpa and Ramona Jones) and I accomplish while building the Mark Jones Music Lessons website. It is taking us longer than we had imagined. The building of the actual site is basically done. The delays are in our personal lives and the distance between where we are living at this time. Also, it is a bit delayed because of cash flow for some tools and equipment we need to acquire. Be sure to check in for the whole website creation steps series right here.

Now we will be adding other sites concerning Ozark Crafting Traditions training video sites. We’ve talk over the general issues and how we can network all of these sites together for SEO and back-links to our advantage.

Website Creation Steps – Home Front

I just came back from my halfway across the country trek from Virginia to Arkansas and back again.  I know that this information does not relate to my Website Creation Steps, but it is part of my entire trip. I did get a lot of work done on my wives dog house. She will be fostering dogs (Rottweilers) for a rescue group that we adopted our new from a couple months ago.

So in planning for fostering, we decided to have a special place for them with a nice house and fenced in play yard. We bought a 22 x 12 foot barn shaped shed with a loft for food storage and a covered front porch that they can relax on. Their yard is a 30×50 foot fenced in area that will have a kiddy pool for them to cool off in.

The work I finished with my neighbors help was to install a back window large enough for the AC/Heater window unit, roughed in the electric, closed in the loft and installed a pull down ladder, installed a collar operated automatic doggy door and insulated the entire place. We also installed a solar powered thermostat controlled attic fan to cool down the upper level of the dog house.

Website Creation Steps – Decisions

Mark and I met several times, usually over food, to discuss some business decisions for website creation steps and the music site. We did decide that we needed a new digital video camera to accomplish the videos in a very professional quality. The old Sony camera he has just did not do a good enough job for the music quality. The down side of this is that a new camera cost around $600. So now Mark is figuring out where to get the money for this large expenditure. See all the steps we get to go through with website creation steps?

We also confirmed that I will buy Easy Video Suite (EVS) along with additional license rights so I can use it on clients sites. While this is another large purchase, EVS has all the video tools you need to accomplish video marketing all in one product for around $400. If I had to buy all the tools individually it would cost even more. This will allow us to market the videos using many different methods, as well as, collecting opt-in names and emails with AWeber for Email Marketing in the future.

Website Creation Steps – Business Expansion

Web Site Creation - Jay Mueller - Mark JonesMarks mind was working overtime one night and he called me with an idea of expanding from Video Music Lessons to include Local Crafts of the Ozarks. (Hmmmmm, I wonder if it could include moonshine, lol) This decision will expand the entire Website Creation Steps Series to include other sites that will cover each of the crafts. All of the craft sites, as well as, the music lessons site and sub-sites will be connected with linking from the blogs and pages.

The key advantage is being able to create linkage between all of the sites that we control. This is something that you can incorporate in your Website Creation Steps for your business. Of course we will have other links and promotion to places like the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas which has live Traditional Ozark Music as well as classes to learn the music. We will be using some of the crafts that The Ozark Folk Center uses that will be included in our website creation steps. They have an area that has shops for all sorts of Ozark crafts which includes, basket weaving, jewelry, glass beading, cooking, knife crafting…. you get the idea. These are the type of videos we will be making so it makes great sense to link to them and help the community in Mountain View, Arkansas. I think we will have a lot of fun adding these to the website creation series. There are sure to be differences between these sites that you’ll be interested in.

The downside is of course the extra work of finding experts in their craft that will agree with our terms for video training and then making those videos. It is also possible that we can make money creating individual websites for them for fees of service. This also expands the entire vision of our Website Creation Steps to a whole network of individual websites. But they all fit into the Website Creation Steps for a Client and we will cover all of them in this series.

Website Creation Steps – The Ride Home

Now that the website creation steps part is fulfilled for this post, here is some of the fun stuff.

Mark had just bought a used pickup truck (actually belonged to his dad at one point) and he did not have a chance to go through it for across the country trips. So while we were talking one night after a jam session and he asked me if I would drop him off in Nashville on my way home. Being that I drive right through Nashville I could not see why not. So we set the day and time to depart.

We had planned to hit the road on Friday at 6am, but we were having some weather (sleet and freezing rain) so we delayed about an hour for it to warm up a bit. It was good getting to spend time chatting and listening to bluegrass music on satellite radio (love listening to Kyle Cantrell‘s morning show).

Mark had always talk about the good eat place in Jackson, TN. So as we were passing by Jackson on the highway I asked him where it was and he said NEXT EXIT! So I turned off real quick and we found “The Old Country Store” right at the Casey Jones Railroad Museum. It is a GREAT buffet of all the good country style foods. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

As we were finishing up  his mom (Ramona Jones) called and asked where about we were at. She seemed disappointed as she had home made soup all ready for us for when we got there. We said no problem we’ll eat. 😉 So after another couple of hours on the road we made it to Marks sister and brother in law’s (Alisa and Ron) guest house. I had originally planned on just dropping him off and staying on the road, but the weather sounded bad with spotty ice in the mountains between Nashville and Knoxville, so though better of it.

After we unload the car we headed over to his mom’s. She and her husband Gene greeted us at the door and ofter a few hellos we sat down for Ramona’s home made soup and a skillet of corn bread (gotta love the south). Dinner conversation was fun and then Ramona wanted to play a bit of music with Mark to warm up a bit for her birthday bash Saturday afternoon. When you haven’t played in a while, ya gotta knock the cobwebs off a bit ya know.

Then we headed back to Ron and Alisa’s to chat a while and have a couple of beers. Such great hosts, we really had a nice time, but it was getting a bit late and I needed some sleep so we head to the guest house to chill, talk and watch the boob tube until we were settled down enough to go to sleep.

The next morning we got up, cleaned up and headed over to Ramona’s for breakfast. Larry Sledge (mandolin player in the band) and Eloise (Marks sister whom I hadn’t met yet) were going to be there too. I felt really welcomed and at home. Eloise was a hoot. Real down to earth, tell it like it is, what you see is what you get person. I love that in a person.

Then it was time for me to hit the road for another 10 hour to home in VA. I was invited to stay for the party, but my wife was expecting me home. Truly I am still kicking myself for not staying. The rest of the trip was uneventful with no surprises.

Website Creation Steps – Overall Site Planning Status

Find a client – Mark Jones

Website or not; joint site or individual site – Yes an Individual Website

Type of Site – Combined Sales; Online Video Training; DVD sales.

Keywords for the site – Done

Find the right domain name – Done

Establish Website; Load WordPress; Load Basic Plugins – Done

Create a “Child Theme” before Site Modifications – Done

Determine what the site structure and layout will be. – Done

Finalize Mark’s “About the Instructor’s” page (get photo’s) – Draft

Determine Equipment Required – Working

Introduction Video Outline – Done

Beginner Level Video Outline – Done

Intermediate Level Video Outline –Done

Advanced Level Video Outline -Done

Buy a new video Camera-Working

Buy easy Video Suite-Working

Recruit other Artists to Join as Instructor’s-Working

Decide on and Load Membership and Forum Plugins – Working

Decide where to have the Videos Loaded (S3, Media Library) – Working

Testimonials – Working

Site Graphics, Logo, Sales, Buy Now, etc. – Working

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