Website Creation Steps

More Behind the Scenes

More Behind the Scene’s
Mark Jones Music Lesson’s

This issue in Website Creation Steps for a Client I include more details of the behind the scene work taking place. I’ll cover be covering discussions that Mark and I have had during my recent visit to Arkansas. I worked hard on my retirement house, building new clients and of course working with Mark Jones. But I did take time to play and sing music on my covered porch for the birds and animals. I also took some time out to travel to Mountain View, Arkansas to attend the Grandpa Jones Tribute Concert at the Ozark Folk Center and  in Mountain View.

So here goes. I’m just back from the land of no internet at my house in Harrison, Arkansas. Luckily I do have friends there to get online every now and again. I just can’t see paying for internet service for only a couple weeks at a time. Once we do the big move I WILL have the fastest internet that is available for the area.

My House

I did accomplish many things on the home front in Arkansas. I DID NOT however get everything done that I had planned. I purposely have a larger list of things to do to fill in for project lag like ordering materials and the like. Also being the temperature was at 100 degrees Fahrenheit almost the entire time, it was good to have some indoor things to accomplish.

On larger projects I bartered my time for my neighbor’s time to help me get things done. For so many projects it is so much easier to have an extra pair of hands and at time much safer climbing ladders and such.

Without going into too much detail here are some of the projects we got done:

  • Painted kitchen walls, cleaned out the old refrigerator (removed)
  • Cleaned the floor under the fridge, installed new fridge
  • Installed a dog run, 32X50 feet
  • Installed linoleum in dog house (12X22 ft barn shaped shed with front porch)
  • Bought electrical stuff for inside the shed, installed a solar attack fan.
  • Cut the 3 acre yard….twice.
  • Installed new switch and outlet covers (fancy animal ones)
  • Measured the shed to see how much insulation I need to buy
Harrison, AR

This is the Fence and Shed

Well that is a partial list of the work I accomplish at the house. There are so many things that I did and need to do that they are hard to remember. As a matter of fact my new list for my upcoming October trip is longer than my last trips list.

I also helped on my neighbor’s (Dick) bass boat. He is re-decking, re-carpeting, and updating the electronics as well as refreshing the motor. You see helping and getting help works in both the internet and physical worlds. He was down to my house when I needed him and vice versa. Then they fed me several nights…..and I’m not talking burgers here. LOL

From our little talks while we worked I found out that he was thinking about having a website built for his Fly Fishing and Guide service. So guess what? He now has the beginnings of on online presence building at Fly Fish Arkansas.

Working with Sue Jones

Sue has joint venture going on with a local family. It is a business that combines a Photography Studio with a Recording Studio all in one building in downtown Harrison. She was telling me all about it one morning while I was visiting (using her internet) at her home. Hey, I have to keep up with my online business and moderating of the Word Press Classroom.

She said she wanted a new website for the new business. So we discussed what to do with her old site and what she generally wanted overall. We decided that we should keep her existing site and link to it for the photography part of the business and include a link on her old site to the new site as well. The new site is called The Studio – Harrison, go take a peek.

Working with Mark

I spent some evenings with my client and friend, Mark Jones working on ideas and details of his Mark Jones Music Lesson’s website. The first night we got together for dinner at a local steakhouse. This was more of a meet and greet, catching up on what has been going on in our lives. We did talk about each of us writing a list of things we wanted to discuss during our next meeting.

Then one evening he came over to the house and we finished working up the lesson outlines for the video content. Mark told me that he had talked to Greg Davis (in the Jones band) about Greg’s brothers’ (Brad) online training videos. Mark had seen Brad’s video training series online and that he would like to emulate the quality that Brad was putting out. Brad has done this for years and really has a terrific setup for doing video/audio extremely well. So I will be contacting Brad Davis to find out his process and what equipment he is using…that is if I can get him to sit still for a minute. LOL Then I’ll be investigating equipment to purchase to make Marks videos happen.

I did get a chance to talk to Greg in Mtn. View after we were jamming on the square. Greg said that anything Mark and I needed for the project to just ask, and they would do anything they could to help.

On Saturday morning (Labor Day Weekend) I headed down to Mtn. View, Arkansas to meet Mark and hang out. When I hit town I called him and he gave me directions to where he was. It was a house of some old Jones family friends. It was a scene that could have be from 100 years ago. They were all up on the porch a playin’ and singin’. I waved at everyone as Mark come down to meet me. We only stayed for only a little while because Mark wanted to me to meet another friend of his.

We headed to a little store just down the road called the Dulcimer Shoppe. There I met Jim Woods (owner) and the gal that Mark wanted me to meet who he thought may be interested in being one of the instructors on his site. Judy Klinkhammer lives in Mtn. View and works part time at the Dulcimer Shoppe. While we were there, she sat down with Jim and they gave us a little concert with their playing.

Then Judy, Mark and I talked business for a bit. I think she was sizing me up a bit, which I like. Any one that is considering a business deal of any sort needs to feel comfortable about the situation. I explained how we planned the website to work, Marks part and my part of the venture and encouraged her to join us. She seemed hesitant about doing a video without working with a group of students. I said, well just record while you are teaching you’re class. But, Judy seemed disinterested.

Thinking back, I hope that I wasn’t the reason for her deciding not to do her thing on our site. I really liked Judy and want to be friends and jam a bit now and again once I move to AR. I may even have to buy a Dulcimer and learn to play. They have such a soothing sound and I’m told they are easy to learn and play.

Ozark Folk Center

Mark Jones

Mark Jones and the new Director of
Security’s young son. Mark was
impressed with the young mans
hand positioning and timing.

In mid-afternoon Mark and I headed to the Jones Workshop being held in the small theater. The folks answering questions and telling stories were Ramona Jones (Fiddle, Mandolin), Mark Jones (Banjo) and Alisa Jones Wall (Hammered Dulcimer), as well as, Danny Dozier (Guitar) and Ruth McLain Smith (Bass). Greg Davis (Banjo, Guitar) and Ron Wall (Auto Harp) were in the audience and to help with stories. You really get a good sense of the family values and the weird stuff that happens on the road. Funny stuff and they played a bit too.

When it was time for the show we headed up to the big theater. I drove and parked in the musicians area (cool, huh?) We met Tommy (security) at the musician’s entrance (back stage) and the band gathered and got ready for the show, going over the song list and practicing special parts of songs.

I hung out with Tommy talking about Mountain View and the center. I also asked him about crafting a knife for me with a deer antler handle with the blade etched with my grandfathers name, my fathers’ name, my name, and my son’s name. The antler is from a deer that my father shot and then mounted on the wall in the tack room which we used to hold our hunting bows. I want to pass this down to my son when I die. The cool thing is that my grandfather, dad and my son all have the same name. I have the same initials.

While talking at the entrance door, Michael Martin Murphy and his band (country star), who were to play the second part of the show came in so I got to meet them. It is so cool to meet all these famous folks who are just regular Joe’s.

During the show, The Jones Family Band played the first half and Michael Martin Murphy and his band played the second half. It was a good night of music and entertainment and meeting new friends. But the night was not over with.

On the Town Square in Mountain View

After the show Mark and I went down to the square in Mountain View. On any nice weather night anyone can head down to the square and jam with different groups. They play anything from rock and roll to bluegrass and anything in between.

Mark decided not to play, but Danny Dozier, Greg Davis, Ruth McLain Smith, Pam, me and another young man got together and jammed. We drew a moderate crowd which was good for the way the weather was. That was the weekend that the hurricane was moving through the area.

We played (well, I was trying to keep up playing my guitar) and sang for a few hours. I was working hard, watching Danny play (he is an amazing talent) and trying to follow his moves. Near the end of the night (after 1AM) Ruth McClain Smith pushed me to choose a song, sing lead and play with the rest of them singing backup and playing. So I reluctantly played and sang an old George Jones tune called ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’. Pam, Ruth and I think Danny chimed in singing harmony. Low and behold we got applause. Thank God! I was shaking in my boots. I’m not used to performing for crowds. But it was a fun scary and really a lot of fun.

Trip Results

The results of this trip made me feel like I got a lot accomplished:

  • New website for The Studio – Harrison.
  • New website for Fly Fish Arkansas.
  • Work done on the house.
  • Work done on Dick’s boat.
  • Worked with Mark on Mark Jones Music Lesson’s
  • Spent time with good friends.
  • Jammed down on the Mtn. View square with super good musicians.

Now how cool is that. Made money, got work done and played! I am so blessed.

What’s Next:

In my next issue I’ll fill you in on my coordination with Brad Davis and how it all works out. I’ll also share with you on what equipment we need to purchase. I think we will be doing split screen (showing each hand while Mark plays) and superb audio. At least for what we can afford.

Overall Site Planning Status

Find a client – Mark Jones

Website or not; joint site or individual site – Yes an Individual Website

Type of Site – Combined Sales; Online Video Training; DVD sales.

Keywords for the site – Done

Find the right domain name – Done

Establish Website; Load WordPress; Load Basic Plugins – Done

Create a “Child Theme” before Site Modifications – Done

Determine what the site structure and layout will be. – Done

Finalize Mark’s “About the Instructor’s” page (get photo’s) – Draft

Determine Equipment Required – Working

Introduction Video Outline – Done

Beginner Level Video Outline – Done

Intermediate Level Video Outline –Done

Advanced Level Video Outline -Done

Recruit other Artists to Join as Instructor’s

Decide on and Load Membership and Forum Plugins – Working

Decide where to have the Videos Loaded (S3, Media Library) – Working

Testimonials – Working

Site Graphics, Logo, Sales, Buy Now, etc. – Working

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