Website Creation Steps

Website Creation Steps for Mark Jones Music Lesson's

Website Creation Steps
Mark Jones Music Lesson’s

This week in Website Creation Steps for a Client I’m going to cover some of the “behind the scene” jobs that need to be accomplished. These are not tricks of the trade that marketers talk about. These are chores needing attention to detail that improves the overall site and its success. All of us want to be successful right?

Every time I am involved with website creation steps for a client, (and I have built hundreds of them over the years) I learn something new.

Technology is in a constant state of change.

  • Google changes how they rate sites
  • There are new plugins
  • New products to review and buy
  • Experimenting with how the site operates
  • How users change as to how they relate to what is on the site

This is a Scary Situation!

For this particular website creation steps for Mark Jones, I am expanding my skills and stretching my expertise in the area of building video training site. I have never recorded a video for the internet. I have never set up, uploaded or established a naming series for a group of videos. I have never used a membership plugin for level of access to videos.

This is the position where many builders and marketers FREAK OUT, but not me. This is my chance to improve my overall knowledge. I’m not saying it is easy position to be in, it is just another challenge. Setting up a video training site is not an unknown method of doing business; it’s just new to me. This means it is the time to use your marketing friends, your social working buddies. Remember I am always telling you that marketing is a big social event? Well this is where it can pay off for you.

I am very lucky that I work with two of the top videos training guru’s in the business. Matt Wolfe specializes in training people how to build – market and make money with WordPress websites. The WordPress Classroom site is his membership site. He mixes all of his training videos with comment discussions under each video and with his great forum. This is a very active forum with threads covering just any topic you can think of in marketing. I’m in there several time a day as one of the moderators. A job that I love because I learn so much researching answers to peoples questions.

Another video training marketer that I work with is Steve Dougherty. Steve specializes in PLR Video Direct training videos which you can buy, brand and use for opt-ins, content or give-away. He has many series covering a multitude of topics like: Facebook How To Videos, The Web Traffic Blueprints, Amazon S3 Videos, Your PLR Makeover Videos, Twitter How To Videos, Basic HTML Videos, and many more. In the WordPress Classroom he does some great videos about building WP Child Themes, Making site Backups as well as reloading them, and tweaking code in the WP files to make your site look and operate the way you’d like it to.

Both Matt and Steve do an excellent job with their videos and as far as the coding techie stuff I think Steve is the best I’ve seen. Both Matt and Steve have some free and example videos. Both also offer 60 day money back guarantees. I’m thinking of adding some PLR content videos that Steve has made to my written coaching area. Some things are just easier to understand with pictures and I’m just not set up for videos yet.

Behind the Scenes

Obviously one of the things I have been doing is coordinating Matt and Steve’s help with the videos. Both have agreed to help steer me in the right direction to nail down the video process for the site and for my website creation steps blog series. I will be posting the outcome of the video processes at a later time.

I found a SEO Plugin that I really like from the WordPress Plugin Library called “WordPress SEO.” So I switched it to replace my “All In One SEO” plugin. I like it because it has a list of categories that have red, yellow and green lights that change color as you improve individual categories. It also has an overall red, yellow and green rating. So you know at a glance where you stand as you are writing each post and each page. I modified almost everything I had previously posted on Marks site and I am about half way through improving the SEO on this site. Neither site had bad SEO, but now they are both better.

I have posted the Mark Jones’ About Me page. I coordinated the original draft write up with Mark, but I did make changes adding additional info and some SEO tweaks. I still have additional photo’s to add that I need to get from his wife over the next couple of weeks when I visit Arkansas and I’ll go over the whole thing with Mark.

I added a write-up on the Instructor’s page. I explain what we are trying to accomplish with the site and how we plan to have multiple instructors teaching multiple instruments.

I wrote up a page for the Available Training page.  I laid out what our site can offer musicians that decide to partner with Mark Jones and his site.

Last but not least I did a short write-up and added what Class Outlines I had from the last time Mark and I sat down and went over things. I think he has completed all of the Class Outlines now and we will discuss those on this trip also.

Now I know that if you are working Website Creation Steps for a client you will most likely not be writing clients copy for the site. But keep in mind that in your negotiations to make your client aware that you may need to re-write some of the copy to obtain better SEO for them.

What’s Next:

Our next installment of the website creation steps series will include more details of the behind the scene work taking place. I’ll cover some of the discussions that Mark and I have over the next couple of weeks when I am in Arkansas working on my retirement house, playing music with the Jones’ in Harrison, AR and attending the Grandpa Jones Tribute Concert at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View.

I’m not sure how much I’ll have on the video stuff yet. Based on some of the emails that I got from you guys I’ll be spending a great deal of time covering the making of the videos, and the structure and labeling of the videos for each video series.

Overall Site Planning Status

Find a client – Mark Jones

Website or not; joint site or individual site – Yes an Individual Website

Type of Site – Combined Sales; Online Video Training; DVD sales.

Keywords for the site – Done

Find the right domain name – Done

Establish Website; Load WordPress; Load Basic Plugins – Done

Create a “Child Theme” before Site Modifications – Done

Determine what the site structure and layout will be. – Done

Finalize Mark’s “About the Instructor’s” page (get photo’s) – Draft

Decide on and Load Membership and Forum Plugins – Working

Decide where to have the Videos Loaded (S3, Media Library) – Working

Testimonials – Working

Site Graphics, Logo, Sales, Buy Now, etc. – Working

Introduction Video Outline – Done

Beginner Level Video Outline – Done

Intermediate Level Video Outline –Done

Advanced Level Video Outline -Working


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