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Choose Your Hosting Services Carefully

Choosing your website hosting service is one of the most important choices you will make when first starting out your business on the internet. But website hosting does not need to be complicated or expensive.

D9 Hosting Unlimited Domain Web Hosting

It is important to find a good hosting company that can provide what you need, when you need it and can provide the services at a cost you can afford. You will find there are some hosting companies that will give you a free service but there is usually some kind of tie in to them which can often cost more in the long run.

There are many hosting services available and when you start to check them out, one of the things you need to look out for is the server down-time.  Most hosts promise 99.9% online time, but it’s worth checking.  There is no point getting a cheaper host provider if the service is always going down having problems that cost you time and money.

When you first start out it is very unlikely that your site will have a mass of traffic straight away, so you don’t need to purchase a lot of storage space or bandwidth, better to start smaller and upgrade as you need to.  Or you could do what I did with D9 Hosting, I bought the least expensive unlimited bandwidth and storage.  So now that I host over 10 websites with blogs and photography sales sites, I still have plenty of space.  I even got a free domain name with the deal.

I recommend using a hosting service that has their servers based in the same country where most of your sites visitors will come from.  This will give greater reliability and faster connectivity.  Also look for a hosting company that offers support you will need if you have any problems.  D9 Hosting has servers in two locations within the US and has servers in the UK. D9 Hosting is based in the UK.

The hosting service should provide services at the entry level on shared servers (many clients on one server) to semi-shared servers (limited clients on one server) to dedicated servers (you have your own server the is not shared with anyone). Virtual servers should be the norm for any of these services.  Virtual servers provide a private area protecting you from others on the server.  It is also a safer platform for data sustainment and backup for the hosting service provider.  Yes, D9 Hosting provides virtual servers for all their clients.

If your site goes down at some time, you will want to get it back up and running as soon as possible, so having excellent back up is essential.

Like I said, I personally only use D9 Hosting for my websites and management of my domain names (one stop shopping) as the service they provide to me has been excellent.  I have had hardly any down time and on the odd time the servers have gone down, the communication from the owners Paula and Dan has been accurate and timely.  Beyond that, they are always eager to help when I have questions…….with the personal touch.

I used to use Network Solutions as my hosting service.  They provided good online time, less storage space, pretty fair speed, but very poor personal service (none to speak of), and it was costing me twice as much per year.  This is one of the largest providers in the world, so you know that there is no personal service for anyone.

I’ll let you in on a secret.  The reason Paula and Dan started D9 Hosting was that the hosting services they used in the past were not providing the services they needed and were not getting help when they needed it.  These guys are internet marketers themselves, so they know what we want and they are happy to accommodate ALL of their clients.

So save yourself some time and check out D9 Hosting. I think you’ll be pleased with what they offer between the cost for the service, and the help they provide.  This is really a no brain-er.

D9 Hosting Unlimited Domain Web Hosting

Ordering Your Site Hosting Services

Once you make your choice on what Site Hosting Service Company you wish to use, just go to the site and make your selection and go through the payment process.

The site will then (usually within 24 hours) send you an email with all of your account information, usernames and passwords, server locations, server names, etc.  KEEP THIS EMAIL in a place you won’t delete it.  The email contains all of your pertinent information for your website and you will most probably need to refer to it at different times.  You will need it to sign into c-panel to set up your domain and website.

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