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I have many websites that I’ve published on-line and what I’ve found out over the years is that a nice look is one of the most important things to obtain and retain followers/subscribers. People like a nice clean look that is easy to navigate.

I have also found that I DO NOT need a professional theme for each of my sites. There are many free themes on the internet for WordPress platformed sites that work just great for the most part.

However, if you plan on expanding your business, say for a membership site with an added forum, you should plan on purchasing a professional theme. Now you can spend a bunch of money and still get nothing, so you need to pay attention to what you are getting for your money.

Select a company that specializes in themes and understand the need to be compatible with other business add-on plugins. Also that they update their themes on a regular basis to keep up with the WordPress Platform and the latest innovations in the industry.

I’ve been on-line now for over fifteen years and if I am going to spend my hard earned money to buy a professional theme, there is only one place I go, and that is PageLines.

The looks of the theme is only the eye candy. You also need to have the administrative tools to do what you need the site to do, which means you need a huge amount of options for anything from headers to widgets to footers to columns, to background options that operate with other major plug-ins.

For example, say you want to create a membership site. Does your theme support something like WishList Member? Many can’t, but PageLines does. As a matter of fact WishList suggests PageLines Themes because they work so well together. On top of that, WishList and PageLines work with many of the plugin forums also.

Just so you know, the theme for this page is “WhiteHouse Pro.” Right off the bat, they have color variations of Black, Blue (current) and Red for a quick change, but you can change those and a bunch of things to make the theme unique to your business. 

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