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Professional Graphics –

The first thing your visitors will notice when they land on your website will be the look of your site. This is their first impression of your business, so you want it to look as professional as possible.

Creating a professional look or branding of you business is as important part of any business. For an online business it is all about that first impression. Your logo should be shown in your signature block on forums, at the end of every article or book you publish, and on your calling card. Your brand will become your businesses identity. When people see your logo they will relate it directly to you.

Creating your own graphics is always an option, but the average cost for a professional version of graphics creating software is around $1300.00 and that does not include templates for headers, footers, and backgrounds for your site or product graphics which include different standard size ads, books, CDs, boxes, opt-ins, and pay buttons. So unless you plan on creating graphics as part of you business, (creating graphics for clients) it is probably not worth the cost.

It is a proven fact that professionally create graphics will help your site to be successful. After all, most humans are very visual beings (things catch our eye). It is not the written word that will draw us into a site. The graphics and the layout of your site is the most important thing to draw in new visitors, then the content of the site is what they will continue to be coming back for.



 All marketers need graphics, even if they are building their own websites.


I’ve used Planet Divinity for years now and I really don’t care to go somewhere else. I mean when you find someone who listens to what you want, does a great job, creates them in a short period of time (never waited more than a couple days, and makes sure it is exactly what you want in the end,  why go anywhere else.

You owe it to yourself to check out Planet Divinity for web graphics, product graphics, affiliate websites, or anything they get into. ALL of their work is exceptional.


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