Niche Marketing

Tools for Building a Niche Marketing Business

Niche Marketing is where you have several sites in many topics with multiple streams of money coming it (or that’s the plan at least).

These are impersonal sites designed to sell  product(s) so you do not need to spend a lot of time on them once you have them set up. You use mini-sites with a sales page for the pitch, a squeeze page to funnel them in a buy page, a couple of special offer pages, a thank you page and that’s about it.

Many niche product owners offer graphics and sometimes all the pages for you to re-work to make your own. Once you have them set up, just run a couple of advertisements to get traffic to each of them.

There are several marketers that pull together products and sites and offer them as packages. Purchasing one of these packages is a good way to get this business started.


With all the packages I’ve run across, the only one that I would promote is Free Monthly Websites.

I like it because it won’t cost you a dime to get started. Then if you want to upgrade to better products and sites, you can do so when you’re ready to make the jump at your pace.

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