Membership Plugins

Membership Sites are becoming more popular to provide secured content to the public and their clients.


Finding the right program/theme for your business is key to your sites success and growth.


If you like using WordPress, then you’ll love the Wishlist resource that I just came across and use to power this membership site.

Many people have tried to turn WordPress into a membership site but in the past it’s been quite tricky.

There are some fabulous plugins out there but you had to “tweak this” and “tweak that” and if you aren’t technical, it becomes very frustrating.

That’s why I was very excited when I saw WishList Member.

It’s a membership solution that was specifically built for WordPress.

The best part is, it has all the features you would want in a membership solution AND it is compatible with all of your other favorite plugins!

So you get the best of both worlds 🙂

Plus, they’ve added some very cool features to make running and managing a membership site a whole lot easier.

Like I said, if you like using WordPress, then you’ll love WishList Member.

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Now There is a New Membership Plugin in Town


WordPress Membership Plugin

The plugin that I’m talking about does just about everything you need in a  membership plugin but at a much lower cost.

Trust me, WP eMember Membership Plugin is a great plugin for much less money than Wishlist that I actually use on this site. I wish I would have found WP eMember before buying it.

Below is a list of what this terrific plugin can do for you.

Content Protection

  • Ability to selectively protect the posts, pages, categories and comments
  • Selectively protect full or section of a post or page.
  • Ability to set protection settings for posts and pages in bulk from eMember’s dashboard or set the protection of a particular WordPress post or page while editing/creating it in the editor
  • Ability to protect a section of a post or page for a specific member or for a membership level
  • Teaser content – Ability to use “more” tag protection to create teaser content
  • Secure RSS feeds – Secure RSS feeds allow your members to view their membership material in their RSS reader
  • Login restriction by IP Address – If the number of login attempts from different IP addresses exceed the specified limit then the member’s account will be locked
  • Ability to disable simultaneous member login using the same member account details (two users cannot log-in to the same account at the same time). Helpful when you want to prevent member login sharing
  • Domain Level/Sitewide Lockdown – ability to restrict anonymous visitor access to your site at a domain level (the site won’t even load unless the visitor logs in as a member). The only page the visitor will be able to access on the site when not logged in is the “Join Us” page.
  • Ability to use download folder protection option (users will need to provider their login credentials to download any file from the protected folder)
  • Google First Click Free (GFCF) – eMember lets you use Google First Click Free feature so your protected content can be indexed by Google search if you want.

Membership Options

  • Unlimited membership levels – Your membership site can have as many “levels” as you need
  • Unlimited members. You can have an unlimited number of members with the eMember plugin
  • Multi-level access option – Give your members access to multiple levels within your membership site.
  • Flexible membership options- eMember gives you the flexibility to create different types of membership levels. Example, free, trial, and paid memberships
  • A member can buy multiple membership levels. In this scenerio the member will be able to access content from all the different membership levels that he/she purchased.
  • Subscription length control. You can control the length of each member’s access to your membership site.  A membership will automatically expire when the set time has been reached (e.g. 7 days, 1 month, 1 year etc)
  • One time payment membership option – if you do not want to offer a subscription based membership then you can use the one time payment option (example, a once off payment of $49.95 for a full year membership)
  • Ability to configure membership level expiry using a few different options. For example, expire after XX number of days or expire on a fixed date or expire when subscription is cancelled etc.
  • Auto Upgrade – You can setup scheduled upgrade of member’s membership level (e.g a member of silver membership will be automatically upgraded to gold membership after 1 month). This model can be used to drip content or deliver course materials to students in a timely fashion
  • Ability to manually approve members after they register. Members will not be able to log in until you manually approve their account
  • Ability to schedule automatic renewal email notice to the members before their membership account gets expired.

Setup and Design

  • Simple installation with new and existing WordPress blog – Turn your existing or new WordPress blog into a membership site by simply installing the WP eMember and configuring a few basic settings
  • Fully automated membership system
  • Source code is non-encrypted – If you are a developer and would like to make customizations for your install then you are welcome to do so
  • Ability to customize what fields show up on the registration and edit profile forms
  • Easy member management. You can easily view your members, their registration status, membership level etc
  • Bookmarking feature – your members can bookmark their favorite posts and pages then view their bookmarks later
  • Login redirection – Control the first page your members view when they login. You can specify a different redirection page for each membership level. This is very useful for adding welcome messages, information for that membership level, updates, news and events etc
  • Membership login can be placed in a post, page, or sidebar
  • Ability to show your member profiles to other users of the site
  • Ability to display various details of the logged in member using shortcodes
  • Compatible with the current version of WordPress
  • Lightweight – WP eMember is a lightweight and easy to use membership plugin
  • WP eMember is compatible with all properly coded (valid xHTML code) themes

Member Login Related

  • Ability to place the member login widget anywhere on your site
  • Ability to use a compact login option
  • Ability to use a Fancy login option (a login window pops up when the login link is clicked). There are two different fancy login options for you to choose from
  • Ability to setup an after login redirection page (this allows you to set the first page your members see when they login). You can also customize this on a per membership level basis so that members from different membership levels can have different after login landing page
  • Option to automatically log your member into the site right after the registration
  • Ability to force your members to re-authenticate after XX minutes of browsing. When you enable this feature the members will get logged out after XX minutes from their sign in time and they will need to re-login

Member Registration Form

  • Ability to customize what fields are included in the member registration form
  • Ability to add custom registration fields to the member registration form
  • Real time registration form field validation
  • Single registration form for all types of membership to help you keep a clean and simple setup.
  • Ability to setup an automatic after registration redirection (can be used to redirect the user to a specific page just after they complete the registration)

Integration Option

  • Pre-integrated with the WP eStore plugin. This allows you to accept membership payment via any payment gateway supported by eStore. You can also display a member’s purchase history when they make purchases using eStore.
  • Simple PayPal button integration. You can use the eMember with a simple PayPal button for one time payments and recurring payments
  • ClickBank Integration.
  • Integrates easily with BBPress 2.0+ forum plugin.
  • Can be integrated with AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse to automatically sign up the members to your Autoresponder list when they register for a member account


  • Free technical support
  • Free lifetime plugin updates


WordPress Membership Plugin



Wishlist Member Plugin

WP eMember Membership Plugin

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