Forum Participation

Right now a lot of you are thinking “how is forum participation a tool,” right? Well, participating in online forums is a fantastic tool to introduce your business and yourself to everyone around the world.


  • Do a Google Search for forums in your niche.
  • Choose large forums that fit into your niche or one that covers any and all categories.
  • Create a signature block that includes your name, your business name, your site name and url, and a short description of you business if the space is allowed.
  • Post articles and comment on others articles on a REGULAR BASIS.
  • Your articles and comments should reflect your expertise within your niche and your desire to help others by sharing (just like your blog).
  • Reply to comments left on your thread. Be gracious, thankful, and motivational.

I belong to several forums, but the two that I visit most often are listed in the resources area below.

Warrior Forum is all about making money, business, finance, etc. So I am a paid member to use the forum to it’s full extent, Blogs, Warrior Special Offers (WSO’s), Classified Ads, Warriors for Hire Ads, etc. I probably should spend more time in this forum than I do, but my time does not allow me to at this point and time.

The WordPress Classroom Forum is part of the paid membership of the classroom. I was a member of the classroom before Matt Wolfe expanded the site and added the forum. I participated very aggressively in the forum to assist as many members as possible and got noticed by Matt. He asked me to become a moderator, which I accepted and I am very glad I did. I’ve added clients to my business because I personally assist everyone I can with their WordPress and marketing questions. What I’ve learned is that by helping people and investigating the appropriate answers is that I have gained respect and notoriety in my field and swayed people to become my clients so I make money. So, PARTICIPATE!

It is important to follow all the rules of any forum. Remember getting booted from a forum will reflect negatively back to you and your business.

If you have a Forum that has helped you in your business, send me a note in the Contact Us form and I’ll add it to this page with a link to your site.



Warrior Forum

WordPress Classroom Forum

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