Create A Focused Email List

Autoresponders are the key to Internet marketing gold. You’ve all done it, go to blogs and sign up for something free and updates or go to a giveaway event and get free ebooks, videos, programs, themes, graphics, etc for only your name and email address. BOOM! You are now on their list. Then you get information from those people in your email with offers for other free stuff, useful information, blog updates and good deal offerings.

So what is an autoresponder? Well depending on the service you choose it can do a lot of things for you, so it is important to know what you are buying. The basics are pretty simple for a monthly fee web based autoresponder:

  • Allows you to create opt-in boxes you can place on your site.
  • Gathers names and emails of your clients or potential clients into specific lists (which you’ve created).
  • Allows you to create auto responding thank you emails and follow up emails which are automatically sent once they sign up to your list.
  • Allows you to accomplish bulk emails to designated or all of your lists at any time you wish to contact your clients.
  • Keeps statistics on who got the emails, bounced emails, opened emails, click through from email (from an offering in the email)

What To Do With Your Email List

Well you are now going into the Internet marketing business. It is essential to grow a list of clients, take care of those clients and offer advantages to them and to you by helping them promote your products. Always take care of your clients and they will be loyal to you, it is human nature. But there are a lot of things you can do with a list:

  • Like I just mentioned, one of the things you do is take care of your clients. Send them emails, tell them a bit about your life, what you’re trying to accomplish with your site, tell them when you’ve updated your blog, share with them some tricks of the trade, give them products you think they could use.
  • Share your list by swapping email giveaways with other marketers. You send their promotion to your list, they send your promotion to their list. His clients sign up to your list and vice versa so you both grow your lists.
  • If you have products you want to promote, offer your clients a partnership by asking them to promote product for a piece of the pie. Mentor them to become affiliate marketer for you. Provide them promotional emails to mail out, content for their blogs, giveaways as bonuses to people who buy through them. Also encourage them to provide some of their own bonuses.

As far as how to use your list, use your imagination and come up with other joint ventures to grow grow your list. The bigger the list you have, the bigger marketers you can attract and the bigger deals you can get involved with and the more money you’ll make.

What Autoresponder should I use?

Many marketers start small and on the cheap. There is software you can buy and inexpensive autoresponders out there. But I advise you to look at online provided autoresponder businesses that provide services for the big time marketers. The reason is that you want your business to grow and if you start a list with the less expensive companies you eventually will want to move to a mainstay autoresponder. The bad thing about this move is that you’ll have to start you list all over again. This means you’ve been wasting your time. So begin looking at the larger sites that come up on a Google search.

The most used company and the one autoresponder that in my opinion is a notch above all the rest is AWeber. They offer a lot of ways to use the tools they provide you, have video training so you can learn about all the things they can do for you to help build your business, like split testing Subject lines of emails, automated evaluation of possible spam bounces and a whole slew of other features.



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