Tools of the Trade

Tools that Every Marketer Needs

We all need tools to do Internet Marketing so I thought I’d list the ones that I have used and/or currently use. All of these products are affordable and provide exactly what they say. I hope this saves you valuable time and money. Check them out, and if they are what you are looking for, even better.

Each of the pages include reasons for which you should use tools in each of the categories. This should help you make a decision on whether you need a particular tool. Be particular in what you buy. Don’t waste money on tools and programs you do not need to accomplish your goals.

Example: If you are not doing Niche Marketing where you want to build a bunch of niche sites, you do not need to check out why you would need any of the tools listed in that section. But you may want to give it a read so that you are aware of niche marketing.

If you run across any tools that you use and would like to share, please use the Contact Us page to send me the tool name and link  so I can include it on this page and do a write up on it. I’ll also give you credit for the find and add a link to your site.


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