Hello I’m Steve

Happy New Year everyone, hope you don’t have too big a hangover.

Jay has kindly invited me to guest blog for him from time to time and share some IM stuff with you and so I thought I would kick the year off with a quick video about a product I stumbled across by accident while having man flu…

This is a clever little script by Seth Bias which helps you get some viral action in your campaigns

I hope you get some value from it and can see how sometimes the simple things really do work.

Feel free to leave a comment and obviously share the video with your friends

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to seeing your own viral pages

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012






Sites talked about in the video

Seth’s WSO for on $7

Seth’s Gift to War Room Members

Steve’s Viral Page

Steve’s Offer Page

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4 Responses to “The Facebook Viral System”

  1. Steve King says:

    Hi Guys & Girls

    It’s only been a couple of hours since I posted on Facebook and we’ve already made a couple of sales from the eBay store, as well as a sale at Clickbank for the full priced product from people seeing the offer page.

    Catch up soon

    • Jay says:

      Thanks Steve,

      It is really good to know that the system works. After I got your email this morning and checked out your post, I sent the post link to over 300 directories, pinged over 200 sites, then posted to Twitter and Facebook all from PingKaching.

      So Steve, I guess you and I agree that having the right tools in our toolbox is a very important part of Internet Marketing.

      We have got to get together on Skype to chat. Maybe next week sometime. Lynne is off all this week and I’m sure she has a lot of things for me to do….although she has not shared them with me yet.

      Say hi to Angie and munchkin.


  2. Greg Vinson says:

    Hey Steve,

    Nice video; thanks for the great overview. I agree with your idea to pare it down to 3 shares instead of 6; people get so many free offers every day that I don’t think they’d be willing to take 6 actions to get access to another one.

  3. Steve King says:

    Hi Greg

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I totally agree, I think these days, people are less likely to do anything if it involves a little bit of work on their part.

    I am already thinking about just asking people to take just one action.

    Split testing that’s they key…and also a story for another day 🙂


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