Website Creation Steps for a Client – 5

Fifth in the series of Website Creation Steps Site Operation and Layout Website Creation Steps – Structure on the site should be carried throughout every page and sub-page within the site. The visual your visitors see should be something that catches their attention but still be easy on the eyes. You don’t want too much […]

Website Creation Steps for a Client – 4

Website Creation Steps –You have to have a plan Website Creation Steps – Just a reminder that this follows the building of Mark Jones Music Lesson’s. Putting together good notes from your meetings with the client, you need to come up with a plan for the site that both of you agree on. In this […]

Website Creation Steps for a Client – 3

Website Creation Steps First Business Meeting Website Creation Steps – Saturday morning I was still in my sweat pants and t-shirt, drinking my coffee, while playing my guitar and singing. Mark arrived at my house pounding on my door with his notes in hand and excited to get started on his project. I had already […]

Website Design

Professional Graphics is the Key – It’s important to think about your reader when it comes to designing your site.  A site that is cluttered and has loads of adverts everywhere can be very distracting and could even be a turn off for your reader, enough so that they just click away as soon as […]

Make Money On the Net

Basics to Make Money On the Net One of the more obvious ways to make money on the net is to have your own website from which you can promote affiliate products and services, sell advertising space, host adverts for Google, PayDotCom, Clickbank and many others. It is also a great place from which to […]

WordPress Classroom 2.0 Video Examples

Check out 20 F-R-E-E Training videos You already know that I am a big proponent of Matt Wolfe’s WPC2 training program. So I talked him into letting me post a few of these videos on my blog. Here they are, just for you: If you’re in a hurry, VIEW 17 other free videos HERE. Integrating […]

My Own Website – Where to Begin

After much contemplating on where to start with my new site Making Money on the I decided to start out where I did, My Own Website. Once I decided to have a web presence to promote internet marketing tips and tools, I had to make one of the biggest decisions in any business, Do […]