Website Creation Steps

First Business Meeting

Website Creation Steps – Saturday morning I was still in my sweat pants and t-shirt, drinking my coffee, while playing my guitar and singing. Mark arrived at my house pounding on my door with his notes in hand and excited to get started on his project. I had already put together a first brush “To Do” list and made some decisions on my impression of how things should happen from my experience for the project’s success. I had them all typed up on my lap top in MS Word. So I put the guitar away and fired up my laptop.

Mark had come up with several levels of training: Introduction; The Basics; Beginner Level; Intermediate Level; Advanced Level. He actually had part of the Introduction section written. We discussed what every section should contain and a general rule of thumb on the process like what songs to teach, how many songs in each section, techniques to be taught, 1st part of song, 2nd part of song, whole song then a separate video of all the songs within the section played with a band and up to tempo so students can practice correctly.

More Meetings

Website Creation Steps – As we met several times while I was in town to go over things, we completed the Introduction and Basics outline which we developed a standard method of what we wanted to incorporate into each video.  Mark even picked up the banjo so we could go over the outline and make sure all the steps were covered for the training in the video.  Success!

We talked about Mark getting testimonials on Marks talents from other musicians. The first on that Mark came up with was Earl Scruggs known for the “Ballad of Jed Clampet” (Beverly Hillbillies TV show) and “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”.  But, the history between the two is from way back when Mark was still a kid.

Mark was hanging out backstage at the Grand Old Opry with Earl’s drummer. Earl came in for a little while then asked Mark to come out on stage with him so they could demonstrate the two different styles of banjo they played. Mark was 15 years old at the time and it was his first of many times he’d play on the Opry stage. Mark writes about this story on his blog.

Mark knew Earl’s health was ailing and that the family was keeping it low key. Sadly, as things turned out, Earl passed away before Mark had a chance to contact the family.  What a testimonial that would have been.  But Mark knows many people in the business and I’m sure he’ll come up with testimonials from many important entertainers I never knew Mark knew.

We are pretty sure that a digital video camera Mark and Sue already have will do the job and they also have a really nice digital surround microphone that will plug into the camera for sound.

What’s Next:

Website Creation Steps – In my next post I will share with you what we came up with for our “To Do” list. The list is fluid meaning we add things as we make decisions in the process. I hope that it will give you a good idea of the process behind the scenes and things you should consider when you build a site.


Be sure to read my last weeks post and Marks most recent post.

Mark is now posting his part of this project on the new website:  Mark Jones Music Lesson’s

Be sure to comment on how the site looks and what you think about the site structure. We welcome all comments.

I want to remind you that my work is well ahead of these posts. By watching the “Overall Site Planning Status” below each post you can see the true status of where the project is and what to watch for in the upcoming posts.

Overall Site Planning Status

Find a client – Mark Jones

Website or not; joint site or individual site – Yes an Individual Website

Type of Site – Combined Sales; Online Video Training; DVD sales.

Keywords for the site – Done

Find the right domain name – Ordered

Establish Website; Load WordPress; Load Plugins – Done

Create a “Child Theme” before Site Modifications – Child theme built, modifications in progress

Site Graphics, Logo, Sales, Buy Now, etc. – Working

Testimonials – Mark is Working

Introduction Video Outline – Working

Beginner Level Video Outline – Working

Intermediate Level Video Outline –

Advanced Level Video Outline –

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