Fifth in the series of Website Creation Steps

Site Operation and Layout

Site Operation and LayoutWebsite Creation Steps – Structure on the site should be carried throughout every page and sub-page within the site. The visual your visitors see should be something that catches their attention but still be easy on the eyes. You don’t want too much brightness or for that matter too much darkness on the page. Reach a balance and maybe consider optional looks that you can try at different times to see what attracts clients through testing or an online survey.

It will be important to talk to your client for logo integration into the site. If you are providing the graphics for your client you’ll need to do the necessary coordination to build or have built exactly what they want. If your client is providing them, you’ll need to have them flow with the colors you’ll use on the site.

For now I am choosing the current colors that are on the page at this point. I like the colors, Mark likes the colors and most importantly Sue (Marks wife) likes them which is important being she is an artist and photographer. I’ll be using the blog as the landing page. We may change this at some point to a static landing page/squeeze page with a menu link to the blog. It is an easy thing to do.

The Landing Page (blog) will include a featured post introduction to the site with links for possible students and for musicians wishing to provide training on the site. There is a good possibility that we can do a video including playing some music and then speaking the welcome and direction of where to click to the area they may be interested in. Some themes have a featured page theme to do this, but I plan on just doing a normal post and use the “sticky” option.

There will be an “About the Instructor’s” (menu item) page that will have a sub-page (sub-menu item) for each of the instructors so people can get to know them. I have written Mark’s Banjo Instructor Page, which I will be adding soon after getting the “OK” from Mark. I still need some additional photos that I need to get from Sue Jones (Mark’s wife) to add to the page also. I plan to ask future musicians to write their own introduction and to offer this pages structure so they have something to go by. The page structure and formatting used increases the visual aspect of the entire site.

There will be an “Available Training” page (menu item) which will have sub-pages (sub-menu item) for each training category. Each training category will include:

  1. an outline of the training course(s)
  2. a link to the “Instructors About Page” so you can learn about the teacher
  3. all the Sales information
  4. Testimonials of clients and people who know the instructor’s work.
  5. Payment button(s). The PayPal payment buttons will add people to the mailing list using AWeber (members list and auto-responder for email marketing) and to the correct level of membership within the membership plugin.

The Sales Flow

Sales FlowWebsite Creation Steps – The flow of the sales pages will begin when a “buy” button is clicked. The PayPal verification of sales page is generated by Paypal which you can customize within PayPal if you so choose. From the PayPal verification/thank you page the client will be redirected to an instructor’s membership list on AWeber.

The autoresponder (AWeber) will send a Thank You email that the musician client will write which can include other offers or free items to give away as a signing bonus. The musician/client can also include several follow-up messages over a scheduled period of time.

On Mark Jones Music Lesson’s website, we will be offering webmaster support (me) for any of the musician/clients. I will apply their thank you and follow-up series emails in the responder and send out broadcast emails they wish their list(s) to receive. I still haven’t figured out what I’ll charge yet, but at this point, I have more important things to do with the site. This is one of the key website creation steps you need to make money. Build a plan with many ways to incorporate cash links.

Site Monetization

Site MonetizationWebsite Creation Steps – It is important that both Mark and I can make money from this site. In most cases I would charge a client an annual fee to provide a domain name, server and hosting services, site and idea consultation, down link creation and registration in a multitude of every page and post (PingKaching tool), and a onetime fee for building the page and for custom graphics.

However, being Mark is a close friend and that we are doing this website as partners, I am building and hosting the site as “my part of the joint venture”. Then I have the right to make money from additional Musician/Clients. I also have the chance to pick up other site builds from prospective site sponsors.

I will make money by charging Musician/Client/Instructors an annual fee to be added to the site. It is also possible for Mark to get a portion of this fee being his name is on the site which is a big traffic draw. I do not know if Mark wishes to do this as I’m sure the other instructors will be friends of his.

We will come up with an affordable plan that provides our clients a custom header, server space for videos, video access page build, Instructors Page build, sales flow configuration with automated client payment (requires them to maintain a PayPal account) AWeber autoresponder and for adding their pages to directories/ping sites (PingKaching tool).

Mark will make money from the sales of his Music Lesson’s, as well as, from site sponsors and affiliate links that we add. If a site sponsor needs a website, both of us can make money here. These are some more of the key ways to make note of to make money as you help others.

How I make money as a site builder and webmaster

Website Creation Steps – As a site builder or for any venture in Internet Marketing you need to make money to at least cover all of your business costs. After that, everything else you make is for your time. I already have tools that I use for all of my sites and client sites as well. So I’m just using the tools to make additional money.

  • AWeber Autoresponder and email list builder. I pay a Monthly Fee. I’m just adding a new list for each client and managing their email for thank you, follow-up and for any broadcast emails. AWeber is the best Autoresponder out there. It is worth your while to check it out and see what it can do for your business.
  • PingKaching that I’ll add the musician/client accounts to and send out connections for directories, ping sites, and backlinks. I pay a Monthly Fee. If you follow this link be sure to watch the video about backlinks and links in general. This is the best description I’ve seen on how you want to link across the web. This tool can actually pull your site information down into your project and then you send it out to thousands of directories and sites with a couple clicks of a button…Amazing Tool and time saver for the price.
  • XHeader is the tool I bought to build custom headers for my websites. You can download a free version with 500 header templates so you can play with it and see if you like it. If you like it, for $47 you can add an additional 5000 header template, which I did of course. I can now use this to build headers for all my clients. With the WP TwentyEleven theme adding an option for adding a different header for each page, I can now use it to build a custom header for each of our Musician/Client pages.
  • Having tools at hand that you can use over and over again are additional website creation steps to take note of for more money in your pocket, as well as, saving time and money for your self.

Website Creation Steps – Overall Site Planning Status

Find a client – Mark Jones

Website or not; joint site or individual site – Yes an Individual Website

Type of Site – Combined Sales; Online Video Training; DVD sales.

Keywords for the site – Done

Find the right domain name – Done

Establish Website; Load WordPress; Load Basic Plugins – Done

Create a “Child Theme” before Site Modifications – Done

Determine what the site structure and layout will be. – Done

Finalize Mark’s “About the Instructor’s” page (get photo’s) – Draft

Decide on and Load Membership and Forum Plugins – Working

Decide where to have the Videos Loaded (S3, Media Library) – Working

Testimonials – Working

Site Graphics, Logo, Sales, Buy Now, etc. – Working

Introduction Video Outline – Done

Beginner Level Video Outline – Done

Intermediate Level Video Outline –Done

Advanced Level Video Outline -Working

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