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You built your site and are doing all the right things to get traffic but, you’re running out of things you can post about. This is very typical for most people who are Internet Marketing wanting to blog about certain topics and not having all the resources to continue blogging on a routine basis. Did you know that to have an effective blog driving traffic to your site that you should be posting at least once per week and most marketers believe that twice per week is the norm.

Again we have your back. We can produce blog posts for you on any topic, to use any time you wish. Order several at a time and load them, and schedule them. That is right, your WP blog allows you to schedule when your post should be published (upper right hand corner of create/edit post). This will allow you to load all of post in advance allowing you to take a vacation without worrying about posting each week. All of your posts can be on autopilot ready to publish while you are away.

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