7 Golden Rules for Internet Marketing Success

If you want to achieve success with Internet Marketing then there are some golden rules that you need to follow. In fact there are 7 golden rules you need to follow. All of these are really simple and extremely effective. This rules hold true in any marketing business, whether it is on line or not. […]

My Own Website – Where to Begin

After much contemplating on where to start with my new site Making Money on the Inter.net I decided to start out where I did, My Own Website. Once I decided to have a web presence to promote internet marketing tips and tools, I had to make one of the biggest decisions in any business, Do […]

Top 10 Reasons to Use WordPress For Your Business Website

It’s common knowledge amongst the Internet marketing community, and many others too, that WordPress is so much more than just another blogging platform. Yes, it’s probably the most powerful one, but it’s even more besides. It’s arguably the most powerful business building software online. Here’s why: If you’re using it for a commercial application, then […]

6 Points to Consider for using the WordPress Software Platform

Anyone can use WordPress software and my advice to you is to learn WP because it’s probably the most versatile and easy ways to build a professional looking website for your online business platform. This is due to the 100% flexible, customisable nature of WP. You can upload WP from either their own .com website, […]

WELCOME to Making Money On The Inter.net

Hello and WELCOME to MakingMoneyOnTheInter.net You’ll find a multitude of valuable information and products FOR FREE right here on this site. I am providing these materials because I know that when you’re just starting out and signing up for list that you are inundated with emails offering the latest and greatest thing. You spend your hard […]

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