Image Tags and Keywords

Image Tags –

Image Tags and Keywords

Connecting Images, Keywords &meaning

Search engine spiders that crawl your website are unable to identify text that is contained within images itself. Since you want to fully optimize your website, including images and graphics that are featured on your pages, you want to insert ‘image tags’ that provide a keyword based description of what the image actually is, as well as anchor text for every link included both internally and externally.
Keyword Prominence and Proximity

The proximity of your keyword in relation to one another is very important. In keyword research, you search Google for a phrase in quotes to find out exactly how many pages are using a phrase in the exact order, because those are the pages that will usually rank well for a search for that phrase without quotes.

This is because keyword proximity and the actual order of your keyword phrases are very important. For example, when you search for “free scrapbook layouts” (without quotes), you are likely looking for resources that provide free scrapbook layouts, perhaps templates and graphics. While a page about “scrapbook layouts” contains two of the keywords you searched for, the scrapbook layouts and templates on that website may not be offered “free”.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure you put your keyword phrase in the exact order you want to rank for in your title, header tags, and content AND that your entire keyword phrase is in order “Free Scrapbook Layouts”. The prominence of a keyword is indicated by how early it appears in the document. A phrase that doesn’t appear until the last paragraph on a 10-paragraph page would be assumed to be less important than a phrase appearing at the start of your document.

Keep this in mind when creating the content for your website and ensure that your primary keyword phrase (that you are hoping to rank for) appears within the first paragraph, preferably, first few lines of your content and repeated again in the middle and in your closing paragraph or statement.

Replicate this keyword proximity for every article on individual pages on your website as well, replacing the keyword phrase with various terms relevant to your website’s theme and topic.

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