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Header tags are very simple to integrate into your pages, and whenever text is inserted within header tags, the font size is increased, and sometimes appearing in bold.

This does two different things; first off it instructs search engine spiders or crawlers to identify the text as being more important than the other text appearing on the page, and secondly, it also helps draw attention to specific text whenever a human visitor lands on your site as well.

By drawing search engine crawlers to the text featured within header tags, you are able to optimize your website for those specific keywords, so make sure you use header tags wisely, and include your primary keyword phrases or keywords within the tag.

You may notice throughout my site I have used <h1> tags, Header Tags on all my page titles.  When I apply the tags it makes the font go bold and appear in black type, I then change the font size and color sometimes to make it look more appealing to my target audience – real live People!

However if you were to open this page using just the source code you will be able to see how I have used Header Tags in this post.

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