Anchor Text

Using Anchor Text to Improve SEO – Anchor text is the text that is commonly used to link from one web page to  another web page. There are two types of anchor text on any web page, the text that links to other pages on your own site, these are internal links and then there […]


Using Sitemaps – When creating your pages make sure that you include a simple navigation menu that links pages and sub pages together, providing search engine spiders with the ability to crawl through the different areas of your website. A common way of building navigation systems is by using what is known as a “site […]

Image Tags and Keywords

Image Tags – Search engine spiders that crawl your website are unable to identify text that is contained within images itself. Since you want to fully optimize your website, including images and graphics that are featured on your pages, you want to insert ‘image tags’ that provide a keyword based description of what the image […]

Header Tags, Why?

Using Header Tags – Header tags are very simple to integrate into your pages, and whenever text is inserted within header tags, the font size is increased, and sometimes appearing in bold. This does two different things; first off it instructs search engine spiders or crawlers to identify the text as being more important than […]

Title Tags

What’s with Title Tags – Title tags are what appear at the top of your browser whenever you visit a website. Usually, title tags include a snippet of information about the website, including a description of each webpage on the site. For maximum optimization however, you want to focus on integrating your PRIMARY keyword phrase […]

On Page SEO – Why and How?

What is “On Page SEO?” – You want your website to solidify its place within the top search engine rankings of all of the major search engines, including and  In order to do that, you need to first focus on ‘on-site SEO’, which consists of a series of simple “tweaks” made to the […]

The Search Engines

Why Search Engines Are Important – In theory you want to get as much exposure for your site as possible and be included in as many search engines as possible.  The good news is you don’t have to list your information with all of them individually because the search engines share information between themselves…I usually […]

Site Content

Concise, Original, SEO Relative, Easy to Read – Having great content on your site seems like quite an obvious thing to say, but you would be surprised at how many websites there are that don’t pay enough attention to the quality of the content they have. Having gone through all the steps to make sure […]

Website Design

Professional Graphics is the Key – It’s important to think about your reader when it comes to designing your site.  A site that is cluttered and has loads of adverts everywhere can be very distracting and could even be a turn off for your reader, enough so that they just click away as soon as […]

Website Hosting

Choose Your Hosting Services Carefully Choosing your website hosting service is one of the most important choices you will make when first starting out your business on the internet. But website hosting does not need to be complicated or expensive. It is important to find a good hosting company that can provide what you need, […]

Choosing a Good Domain Name for Your Site

Select the Best Unique Domain Name for Your Site – A good name for your website is essential. If it’s possible try to include some keywords in your website name, as this is a powerful way to get higher rankings in the search engines.  It’s not a problem if you need to include some punctuation […]

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