Legal Notifications

Do I need Legal Notifications on my site?

We have all seen legal notices. They are everywhere. On television, ads, websites and just about any place you can think of. So why would you consider them on a your simple little site? Your not a big corporation or anything, right? Well I am here to tell you that these little terms of agreement and disclaimers could keep you out of jail and protect you from loosing everything you own.

If you look around the web, there are many sites without any legal notifications. So you may think that it may be alright not to have them. But, just because some other marketer think it is not important to protect himself or his business does not mean that you should not. You are investing a lot of time, money and hard work into your website and you should take care to protect it.

Copy Rights Protection

You see this Copy Rights statements probably more than any other legal notification. Some themes even have a separate box in the admin dashboard and places it below the footer information. But you can add this to a text widget in the sidbare or footer bar in any theme. My PageLines WhiteHouse ProTheme has a separate box to install it at the bottom of the page and it is easy to update it from the admin panel.

Now what most folks do is just write in the statement but are not really protected. The statement explains that you claim that all the information on the site is yours, but if challenged legally you may have trouble proving it. So cover yourself with the Affiliate Notification, Terms of Use and Service and your Privacy Policy.

Affiliate Notification

Although these is a federal requirement for all websites in the United States most sites do not have this statement on their sites. It is very simple to do. On some of my sites I put the statement right in with the in-line opt-in box. Other sites in widgets on the side or footer bar. It is a simple statement saying that some of the links and products seen on your site use affiliate links. Just get it on your page. You do not want to go against Federal Regulations as absurd as they may be. I mean who doesn’t know that someone may be trying to make money through affiliate links and ads on their website. It is like WalMart having to put a label on their door that they may be making a profit on goods sold. lol

Terms of Use and Service

In this document you detail how your visitors will use the site and it’s information. You can basically include anything you wish to protect your products and content. You can even take ownership of comments and products that you visitors post to your site.

Instead of writing a bunch of legal junk in here, it is much easier to direct you any site that has one. Take a look at several sites to capture some of the items you wish to include in your Terms of Use and Service.  Mine are at the bottom of the page.

Jay’s Terms of Use and Service

Privacy Policy

Privacy of your visitors information is paramount to keeping followers. We expect it and so does everyone else. So ensure you include YOUR promise of privacy for anyone visiting your site, registering, or commenting. Again look at other sites statements to get an ideas of what you wish to include in your policy.

When you look around and see how other sites do this legal stuff you may find your self asking yourself something like (I wonder if I should include whatever?), trust me if you are thinking it should be, put it in the document!

Jay’s Privacy Policy

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