Website or Not?

WebSite or Not? – That is the Question

Website or Not?Website or Not? You have to decide. If you have a business you know how important it is to be known. You probably have a separate budget to advertise with signs, audio spots on radio, short commercials on local television channels, special highlights in the telephone book and business cards.

Website or Not? – Social Media

Don’t forget the advantages that the social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and others can provide to a business. All of these methods can get you known across the entire world.

Website or Not? – Choices

In this new world of the World Wide Web it is now an important business decision to expand your views and become part of the internet on both computers and mobile networks.  It is possible that depending on your business, you could run your business totally on line and have worldwide notoriety. With the social media, you can interface directly on a more personal level. People get to know you and trust you. The end result is a bond with your possible clients. All of this is possible online.

Website or Not? – Business Goals

If you want to run a home based business as an affiliate marketer, internet marketer of your own products, running a non-profit organization, or just want a website for your personal use, say for blogging, it is now easier than ever.  No longer do you have to pay someone to build your site for you.  You don’t even need to use code anymore when using the WordPress Platform that in recent years made an entrance in the business. This is why I’ll be teaching you step by step how to get online and create your own WordPress (WP) website. Then take you on the journey through the best know marketing techniques, methods and tools so you can be successful.

The bottom line:   ANY Business should have a website presence today.

You can do so much with a website.  You have a direct line to your customers and can communicate using a blog, comments or forum.  You can build a mailing list for future sales and communication; you can have your own e-commerce site with real products or digital products; or host a forum with Tips for the Love Lorne.  Basically anything you can think of.

Now that you know you want your own WP website, lets begin……..

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