Uploading WP to Your Domain

Loading Word Press to your Domain Space

Being you are already logged into your c-panel, I know that you’re chomping at the bit to get Word Press loaded on your site.

So let’s get to it!  Go down to the Software/Services area of the c-Panel and click Fantastico De Luxe.  Now you have a long menu of options to choose from, but we are looking for Word Press.  It is located under the Blogs section, third choice down.  Go ahead and click it.

The New Installation is the choice you should click on.  Now you should install it on the domain (top box, your domain name).  Then under the next section, “Admin Access Area,” Choose your administrative Log-In Identification (user id) and your Password.  Be sure that your password is a good one to protect your site security.

Now fill in a nickname for yourself.  It can be anything, some of my sites I use admin and some I just use my first name.  Fill in your email address to ensure you get all of your administrative notifications.  For the site name I usually  break it up into words.  So say the site was “www.jaymueller.com,” I would use “Jay Mueller.”  Then finally in the Description box type in a short description to identify the site.  This will show under the title of the site.

OK!  Now the exciting part……drum roll……click Install Word Press.  On the next page, click “Finish Installation.”  The WP platform should now be installed.  But you should open a new tab (keeping the installer open) and type in your website url (http://www.website.com) and you should go to a bare bones rendition of your Word Press site.  Your site name and descriptions you just typed in the boxes before you hit the install button, should appear at the top of the page.

Now wasn’t that a bit of fun?  Just think, you did that all on your own.  Soooo, are you ready to being building and designing your brand new website?  Well first take a look at a few things you should consider when planning out your website.

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