Market Research

Finding Your Niche –

If you do not know what market you want to get into, or even if you do, it is important that you investigate the competition  within the market you are about to join. Your investigation can lead to various methods that you can take advantage of to out-market your competition.

Big or Small Niche?

Whatever business or “Niche” you choose to get into can make a tremendous  difference of how successful your business is. Some markets are overloaded with many competitors all fighting for the same audience, the same keywords, and the same clients. Common sense would say that you should stay away from this niche because of all the big marketers. However, depending on how hard you are willing to work, this could actually be a very profitable choice.

There is competition in all marketing. The key to marketing is maneuvering your business to take advantage of methods that the competition is not using or not taking full advantage of. This makes it possible for any level of business to join any niche and be successful.

Smaller “niches” are easier to establish, keywords will cost less if you need to purchase any and getting ranked high on the search engines will be simpler. This sounds good, but smaller markets have less possible clients, so you have to work a bit harder trying to get noticed through your marketing techniques (advertising, social marketing, email marketing, article marketing).

Where to look for Niche’s and/or Products

Assuming you’ll be online marketing selling other marketers products (affiliate joint venture), one of the best places to find out about what niches and products are out there is a place called “ClickBank.” This is also a good place to list a product of your own to get affiliate marketers to market your product for you. Yes you heard me right. To make money on line the key is to get known for your expertise and create products of your own and get know even more. Selling your own products give you credibility as well as MORE MONEY! I’ll have more of this under marketing.

In clickbank ( you can create an account and establish your clickbank ID then search their database full of marketers niches and products. So browse around and take a look at what is out there. Pay attention to what is in each niche and how many products there are to sell and what type of products. If you can think of other possible products in a niche that are not listed and the niche is something that you are interested in, you probably found a good niche.

Other affiliate markets to find products are Amazon, Adsense, and any of the high end high-end marketers online. If you find a product you like, take a look at the bottom of their website for a link to their affiliate site. Most marketers will have a page for you to sign-up as their affiliate for a percentage of the product. Quite commonly your cut is anywhere between 30 and 75% of the cost of the product. Also one thing to keep in mind to look for recurring profit like for a weekly, monthly or annual charge. Products such as these can provide you a stream of income. Several streams of income creates a regular paycheck.

NOTE:  Clickbank product percentages and payment recurrence are listed with each product.






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