Keyword Research

It’s all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keywords are one of the most important parts of SEO. Remember that everything about your site should strive to improve SEO for your site. The better the SEO, the higher the site rankings, the higher your listed in searches, which means more traffic, which means more possible sales, which means you make more money.

What I’m saying here is that you need a good product, good content and a good looking site, BUT optimizing your site for the search engines bring in the traffic which make everything come together.

  • Keywords that match your sites niche
  • Keywords that match page content
  • Keywords that match post content
  • Keywords that match image content.

They are all equally important in driving traffic to your site. Search engines browse the web and indexes sites, pages and content and ranks sites according to all that plus how much traffic to your site, pages, posts, backlinks, outgoing links, or should I just say EVERYTHING.

One method that can make a huge difference in Keyword Optimization is using a keyword tool to assist you in making good keyword choices for your site. At the bottom of this page under resources is a site called “Keyword Tool Box”  it has all the keyword tools you need and a site analytical tool so you can get tips on ways to improve your site. There is a lot of good information on this site and being it is a Google site, the information it provides is the best and most up to date on the web.

The tools are pretty much self explanatory, but remember to use all the tools to improve your site in all the categories I listed above.

It may take you a bit of time to work this into your routine, but your time spent on this area will PAY OFF BIG TIME on site recognition and incoming traffic. After a few months this will take no time at all.



Keyword Tool Box – Keyword Tester; Google Adsense; Google Webmaster Center – Site Tips to improve SEO; and there is a bunch more.

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