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A domain name is an identifier for ease of human reading and understanding.  Connected in a host server behind the name identifier there is a coded server location server address called the Internet Protocol (IP) Address.  An IP is made up of a series numbered sets separated by a period (999.99.999.99).  These numbers are for ease of human interface that when read by computers is code for binary numbers that tells the computer network the location of the equipment, type of equipment (server, router, etc.) and location of website information on the server.  To make it simple, a domain name is a specific address within the internet.

So now that you have the background, “” seems easy to deal with right?

How to Choose a Domain Name –

Select the Best Unique Domain Name for Your Site

A good name for your website is essential.  If it’s possible try to include some keywords in your website name, as this is a powerful way to get higher rankings in the search engines.  It’s not a problem if you need to include some punctuation in your web address, but I always try to avoid it where possible as your reader may not remember the address.

It is very important to have a top level domain name (TLD) such as a .com, .net, or a .org.  This makes it easier for a visitor to remember and secondly the search engines are likely to index your site more quickly.

My advice is to try to select a name with a .com or a .net or a .org in that order.  Although if you are going to target your own country then try to get a country specific TLD domain name like

If you are using your own name as your website address then you maybe more restricted in your choice especially if you share the same name as someone famous.

Avoid using registered or trademarked names which are not your property, especially as large companies can afford expert legal advice and you could be accused of copyright infringement and forced to close your site.

Give careful thought to your choice of name as you will hopefully be using it for a long time.  If you’re stuck for ideas for a name then a good tool I use is called Name Boy – which will provide you with lots of suggestions @ NameBoy

It’s not expensive to register a domain name & you really shouldn’t have to pay any more than $10 annually for a top level domain name.  There are many services that can sell you a domain name but my own personal choice is @ D9 Hosting.

I use D9 Hosting exclusively for my hosting services, purchasing my domain names and sites therefore managing all of my services from one site. Now you can buy a domain name from a bunch of sites, and even get them at a lower rate like at GoDaddy.  I choose not to spend the time to do this because my time is worth more to me than the time it takes to move things around.  Besides, I like the service I get at D9.  It was created by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers and they understand the things we are trying to do and are very helpful when I have questions.  That is important to me, but it may not be to you.

How to Order a Domain Name –

Before you go off and order your name, I want you to know that D9 hosting offers you a free domain name when you open a hosting service with them.  So you may want to read about WebSite Hosting Services in the next section and decide if D9 will work for you. If it does, you can order your hosting service and get a free domain name.

Once you have an idea of the domain name you want all you have to do is go to a site that offers Domain Name registration like D9 Hosting and find the area to register the domain.  At D9 it is located on the right side of the landing page. Fill in the domain name you want, and your purchase information and Ta Da, within 24 hours (usually sooner) you will be all set to use the name.

I suggest that you purchase your domain name from your hosing site and then connecting the domain name to the host servers can be handled by a simple work order or request to your hosting service.


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