Connecting Domain/Host service

Connecting Your Domain Name with Your Hosting Service

Congratulations!  Now you are ready to start the real work on your website.

The easiest method to connect your domain name and your hosting service is to purchase your domain name through your website hosting service.  Then all you have to do is to submit a work order to your hosting site.  If this is your first domain name for the hosting service, I highly suggest that you use this method.  It is normally a free service (it is free with D9) and within a day you’ll be all set up.  Also you will only need one place and account to manage all of domain and hosting services.

Now if you prefer to buy your domain name through another service, you will need to go to the domain service site you chose and log into your account.  Once logged in, you will need to find a link to change the Domain Name Server (DNS).  Then the next thing you’ll need to do is to get that email that the hosting service sent you.  Follow the instructions on your domain service site and fill in the DNS information from your hosting service email.  It should be two servers (primary/secondary) and look something like this:

Your Name Servers

This information is usually located at the top of the email.

Once all the information is filled in, submit the form. Your Domain Name is now connected to your Hosting service.

You will still not be able to just use your url to go to your site….because you have nothing on your site.  You only have space for your site files on the host server.

So now, with your Hosting Service email in hand move on to the next chapter to get into you c-panel so you can load the basic Word Press platform onto your host server.

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