Getting Started

Getting Started – Behind Every Successful Online Marketer is a Mentor (or a few)

Getting Started with Jay Mueller – Find a mentor that will work with you and discuss issues you run into along your journey. Be careful of who you select because it can cost you much more than they are worth. Check out their blogs and sign up for their newsletters. Valuate the type of information you are getting for free and in what area their expertise lies.

My first mentor was a guy named John Thornhill. He runs a Marketing Masterclass, Mentorship Monthly (as well as others) programs. His training was good basic information on everything from ordering a domain name to creating your own product to how to market it. However this training cost me a bunch of money that in the end I though was too much. I learned a lot about building a WordPress website and general marketing skills. John was the first one to tell me that creating your own products is the key to great success.

My second mentor was Kim Roach. She has a membership site with some great information videos and pdf’s on most things concerning marketing techniques. But even her blog and newsletters provide a great deal of information. She has free offers to join in on some of her Webinar’s that she hosts for her Super Affiliate Club so get on her list and join in some time. Her favorite thing to work with is finding unique was to create and obtain traffic.

My third person I consider a mentor in building WordPress sites is Matt Wolfe. He created The WordPress Classroom (WPC) and focused all of effort on WordPress websites. Now he is going after the whole marketing with his Business and Blogs website and the WPC has also expanded to do the complete deal of build exceptional WP websites of all types with all the bell and whistles and cool plugins to business marketing from just starting out, to creating your own product and how to market it. This is why I am on his staff, work with him in the WPC and I am also a moderator in his forum.

The key thing Matt and I have in common is that by helping people learn, you learn yourself.

So join the blogs of all my mentors and my blog of course. We all put out good information and don’t force a bunch of products on you. But, we will steer you in the right direction of good tools for you to use in your business. Watch how we do things like email campaigns, the way we launch products, etc. and then copy what we do. We are making money online and that means ANYONE can!

Getting Started – Where To Begin…

There are many things to consider when beginning a business online or just creating a site for yourself just for fun.

I think having a web presence online is good for anyone. For proof of this, just take a look at Face Book and the other social sites. For most folks a social web presence is really all you need to get together with friends and to make new friends with similar  interests. With Face Book you can even have sites for your hobbies and businesses. There are even page themes that can give your site a one of a kind appearance.

Getting Started – Security

The most important consideration of putting yourself out there for anyone to access is of course SECURITY. You have to know that if you are on-line YOU CAN BE HACKED. Most hackers do this as a challenge to themselves or peers and it does not matter if they mess up your site or your life when they do it. Other hackers are malicious and steel content from your site to use as their own or add pop-ups when your page is first loaded which redirects the user automatically to porn sites or any site the hacker chooses.

Yes it is a bit scary. But the good news is that most of these terrible things are avoidable by using some common sense tools and fixes that are out there.

Getting Started – Protect Your Identity

The first thing anyone on the Internet should do is to create a web presence email. Better yet, several if you are doing business on-line. This is really easy and does not cost you one cent.

Most people have an email account that they use to communicate with friends. But if you buy online or sign up for forums or membership sites YOU SHOULD NOT USE YOUR MAIN EMAIL ADDRESS. You can create Google or Yahoo email accounts for your different web identities. When you sign up for Face Book or any other social site use an email account you have created just for this purpose.

–Use PayPal for Online Purchases, Sending Money, Getting Paid

Create a separate email account for purchasing items on-line and tie it to a PayPal account. I actually use two email/PayPal accounts. I have one email account connected to PayPal for personal purchases and one email account connected to PayPal for business purchases.

PayPal is one of the best secure services for buying online, sending money to someone, or getting paid for online sales. It is convenient when you are buying things online because you can tie a credit card, debit card or bank account to your PayPal account. So to make a purchase on any site that accepts PayPal (most sites do) all you do is type in your email address and password associated with your account.