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This is the Making Money on the Members  coaching area. You will notice that not all of the pages are published yet. I’ll also tell you that more will be added and you have the choice of what you else you want in this area.

The more feedback that I get from members the better this coaching area will be.

If you glance down this page you’ll see all of my planned pages. I’ve designed these sectioned courses to take you right from deciding if you need a website to global online marketing and the best methods to develop multiple streams of income to your bank account.

Coaching – Getting Started – Getting your site Up and Running


Website or No Website – Do you need a website for your business?

Market/Niche Research – What Market or Niche will you choose?

Keyword Research – Find Keywords for your site name, pages and blog posts.

Domain Name Selection – Find the right domain name to fit your business.

Web Hosting – Choosing a Web Hosting Service that fits your business.

Connecting your Domain/Host – Tying your domain name to your Host Service.

C-Panel Overview – Learning about your hosts C-Panel

Uploading WordPress to Your Domain – Initializing WP on your website.

Site Choices – Initial choices about your site.

Must Load Plugins for Every Site – Key but free plugins that every site should have.

WordPress Administrative Panel Overview – How your admin panel works.

Site Set-up (Looks) – How to tweak the appearance of your website.

Site Set Up (Workings) – How to make your site operate the way you’d like.


Coaching – Next Steps – Improving your site.


Legal Notifications – Privacy Policy / Terms of Use and Services / And More

Social Media – FaceBook / Twitter / And the Rest

Traffic Generation – So many ways to get traffic

Feeder Sites – Backlinks and PingKaching

Content Creation –


Adding an Opt-In Box

List Building

Email Newsletters


Coaching – Monetizing Your Site – Basic site monetizing


Building Your Marketing Strategy


Email Marketing Campaign

Article Marketing Campaign

Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Membership Marketing


Coaching – Money Making Ideas – Ways to make money online


Creative Writing – Write and Sell Posts, Articles, eBooks, etc.

Website Design – Build WP Websites for clients or published sites on the internet.

Graphics Design

E-Commerce Sites

–Digital Book Sales – Kindle, Amazon

–Digital Music Sales –


–Other Store Sites –


Coaching – Expert – Selling Yourself and products


Product Creation

Product Distribution

Mini Sites

Squeeze Page

Sales Page

Thank You Page

One Time Offer

Your Affiliates Page


Coaching – Go Pro – Spreading Your Marketing Wings


Your Own Affiliate Team

Joint Ventures (JV)




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Learn About WordPress and Blogging 


Artisteer Theme Builder 

Artisteer - Web Design Generator

Artisteer - DNN Skin Generator

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WP Twin

Networked Blogs 


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