Christmas Giving

Improve Your Christmas Spirit

The holiday season has officially begun. Thanksgiving has passed, the air is cool and crisp, the leaves have fallen to the ground and the trees are all left bare. While folks are getting excited about finding that special present for their special someone to give that someone a special Christmas, there are many in our communities that don’t even have a can of soup in their cupboards to eat hot meal.

For most of us, the holidays draw up pictures in our head of happy memories of spending time with family and friends with elaborate home made meals shared between everyone. But right in your own city, county and neighborhoods there is always someone in need, someone without family, someone without a friend, someone without anything to eat, someone who is shivering from the cold and no way to heat their home.

The economy is not helping circumstances as our governments continue to spend at an increasing rate putting us all  and our children further debt. Resolutions to spending by our governments is very hard to implement as we have become used to getting the freebies they have put into place. It is time “we the people” take back control of this outrages spending. Government spends more money to implement benefit plans than most programs receive. We can start by getting the government out of the charity business. Start giving time and money to real charities and real people.

Most charitable organizations are organizationally designed to keep the costs down. A lot of them run solely on volunteer help and don’t even have one paid person. In the United States if you would like to contribute to 501.c.3 organizations, you can deduct monetary and material donations (refer to your tax code).


Whether you choose to give of yourself by volunteering a few hours or by donating money and gifts YOU can dramatically change peoples lives around you. That’s right. YOU can share of yourself by spending time with someone who is lonely. Sharing a meal or a cup of coffee and some of your time for just chatting. Noticing someone is feeling down and sharing a smile (it’s contagious you know). It doesn’t take a lot.

Make time in your busy schedule to help your neighbor doing some chores that they have trouble doing as they older. You know those things like raking leaves, cleaning gutters, cutting their lawn. Make time to invite them over for coffee and chat about what is going on in their lives.

Look for Angel Trees in your community that have names, addresses and needs of less fortunate families that you can shop for. My wife and I have not given each other presents in years. We’ve done the Angel Tree method here in Virginia, given to the local humane society for the animals and being we are planning to retire in Arkansas, we have begun working with the Salvation Army gift program. We choose two or three families from the Salvation Army list that are located in the surrounding area, shop for them online through the program associated shopping venues like Target and WalMart and they ship the gifts to the closest Salvation Army location for distribution to the families.

Another charity that we’ve helped with is the Orange, VA Children’s Toy Chest. Waugh Harley Davidson and our Harley Owners Group (HOG). We’ve donated money, toys and our time to shop for and deliver the toys to people’s houses in the community. Last year we did around 600 families if I remember correctly and expect a couple hundred more this year.

Charity is so much more than sending money, although that is just as important. Giving of yourself will give you and those you are helping an immediate feeling of satisfaction and gratefulness.

Don’t cheat yourself of this precious gift to yourself and those around you.


Easy Click Donation Links:

 Children’s Charity  Ministry

Red Cross

Salvation Army


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2 Responses to “Christmas Giving”

  1. Laura Black says:

    I love this time of year, especially because it is the season of giving. I always make sure I leave a dollar at every Salvation Army kettle I pass. And then send a little to my favorite charity, St. Jude’s Hospital.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Jay says:

    How can you tell it’s Christmas without the snow? lol

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