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Using Anchor Text to Improve SEO –

Anchor text is the text that is commonly used to link from one web page to  another web page.

There are two types of anchor text on any web page, the text that links to other pages on your own site, these are internal links and then there is the text that links to other sites, these are external links.

An example of anchor text is if I said ‘let’s go back a page and look at the Site Maps Page’.

This structure is better than saying ‘Click Here to visit the Site Maps page’.

The first is using the title of the page which helps the search engines, but it’s still grammatically correct too.

Either of these two option is an Internal Link – because it is a link between two pages on my own site.

It’s also a good idea to try and vary the anchor text that you use, so that you are able to rank for multiple keyword phrases relating to your particular niche market.

Rather than linking directly, try to use anchor text to describe the link which will help the search engine spiders to identify the key phrases that you are interested in ranking for.

For example, rather than linking to an internal or external page using your website’s URL, or Click Here For Information, consider sometimes using keyword driven anchor text.

You will use anchor text frequently with off-site traffic generation campaigns, including article marketing, blog marketing and even forum marketing so get into the habit of strategically using your targetted keywords with anchor text links directing people both internally (to internal pages on your website) and externally to other websites.

A good example of not using anchor text is to pop over to google and use the search term: click Here

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2 Responses to “Anchor Text”

  1. Diane says:

    Hi Jay
    This is informative! I didn’t realize that those spiders recognize when you are directing someone to another page on your site using keywords. I will have to go back and review my content as there are many opportunities to use this strategy.
    Thanks, Diane

    • Jay says:

      Hi again Diane,

      Yes there are many things that do not get discussed in other blogs or in the training. I’m sure I leave things out too, but I really try to ensure as much info as I can think of at the time gets written down. I even go back and edit these posts…sometimes a year later.


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