Accomplishments and Goals

Out with the Old and In with the New

Accomplishments and GoalsAnother year has passed with all its ups and downs. Some good things and some bad things but it is always about life, successes, failures and passages. With this in mind it is time to look at your business accomplishments over the past year and what your goals are for the coming year.

This year I’ve decided to share my accomplishments with you over 2011 year and what I am planning for my 2012 goals. I think that this is a good time to reflect on accomplishments, failures, and key events that happened during the year and take a look how things came about and the reasons that they had the outcomes which they did. Sort of lessons learned self analysis.

The year started out pretty good. I started to moderate Matt Wolfe’s “The WordPress Classroom” forum that I really like to do. I was going to be in the forum anyway, so when Matt asked if anyone wanted to step up to help out, I did. I am technically savvy and I like to help people so it works. It is not that I know everything that people ask in the forum, quite the contrary, it is the stuff I don’t know that I have take the time to do the research to find out how to do things. This forces me to continually broaden my knowledge which makes me a more informed WP expert and more capable to help others.

Accomplishments and Goals In February and March I lost my Dad and Mom. They passed within five weeks of each other. This meant two half-way across America trips (I live in Virginia and they were in Minnesota where I grew up), one for each of their funerals. Mom and Dad were together for 63 years and I guess Mom just couldn’t live without Dad. My sisters and I noticed when we were looking through photos that they were always together and in most, they were holding hands just like in the photo here taken a couple years ago on a trip that my wife and I took them on to Bemidji, MN. They were great parents and I learned so many things from them. I miss them every day.

What I learned from the passing of my parents is that life is really short and we shouldn’t waste it. Dad was 87 years 9 months and Mom had just turned 90 years old. Mom had Christmas at their house every year and always had a house full of homemade recipes we were familiar with since childhood. The house where we all grew up was the only one I remember. Going through things and getting the house ready to sell overwhelmed each of us various times, but we cherished those memories and will always remember the love our family had. Caring for our family members and others is part of all of us and I will always remember how important it is in life to share ourselves with those around us. I could go on about my parents but I need to get back to business here.

With my business I’ve helped people learn the Internet Marketing trade mentoring them into part time and full time marketers, but I never charged them. But last year I began and continue to build and manage several sites for clients and mentored them so they can operate them on their own for a fee. I have even begun to mentor people for a service fee.

I have been documenting processes for wordpress and internet marketing for several years and decided to make this site my membership site as well as services site. I determined early on that I would keep the costs low for membership as I certainly want to share with people about building their own web sites and marketing on the web. So I spend time adding more information my Coaching Area and to the site in general every day as part of my routine. Yes it is still growing and that actually relates to life, as we all should learn and grow every day.

I also offer a Lifetime Gold Membership for everyone who is a member of the WordPress Classroom at no cost for couple reasons. First is that much of my material relates to a lot of what Matt has on his site and I think it is good for people to have some good tools that they can compare methods to see what works best for them. The other reason is to give the opportunity for the WPC members to help others here when I establish my forum.

One of the things I will be adding is exceptional website graphics at a very affordable rate. I am building a Joint Venture with one of the WPC members to do this. Her name is Diane Soucy and her site is Diane Soucy Design. I’ll have direct links from my site to a special page on her site where she will have her special prices for my my special members.

I have also made a Joint Venture deal with Steve King, a good friend of mine in the UK to provide videos within the pages of the coaching area. We’ve worked together before and he will be adding the videos as he gets time. We use Skype to communicate face to face on occasion and sometimes for hours at a time. The time passes quickly.

Looking into 2012 I’ll continue to create and add information on this site, continue to grow by helping others in the WPC and worthy clients, and establish my forum. I also plan to expand my services to offer my clients more.

I have been working on an all in one book about online marketing, everything from ordering a domain name, building traffic, search engine optimization, building an email marketing campaign and list, establishing Joint Ventures with other online marketers. You get the idea, the basics for all marketers in one book.

The good thing about it is that there are always new marketing techniques that I can add to the book and to my site on a continuous basis. Then from the book I can always break it down into smaller sections for a give-away or for low cost sales.

I hope you enjoyed the read and learned a little more about things you can do to make more money with your site.

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4 Responses to “Accomplishments and Goals”

  1. Steve King says:

    Hi Jay

    Sad news about your parents passing. My don’t you look like your Dad 🙂

    I look forward to being able to ‘hopefully’ add some value to your members area.

    Here’s to a successful 2012 to you and all your members 🙂
    Happy New Years

    • Jay says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Happy New Year to you and Angie and the munchkin. But being I’m writing this after 2200 hrs I guess you fast asleep or at some pub celebrating the new year. Have a Dark Ale on me.


  2. Laura Black says:

    Hey Jay: Wow! What a year! You have been with me on most of my internet journey. I have learned so much this year about building a site and developing content. Whew! So much to do and learn. This year, I want to build my subscriber list and start developing better articles with the use of video and power point. I also want to start building a new site. It’s great working with you, Jay. And, yes, life is so precious. Your parents looked like they were very happy. I lost both my parents five+ years ago. I miss them every day. But they were happy like your parents and that’s the best.

  3. Jay says:

    Hi Laura: We all have much to learn when you’re dealing with the internet. New technologies and methods change every day on a real time basis. This is why mentoring people is such an important part of my business, and really my life.

    I had a boss once that supervised by saying yes as much as possible without questioning the reason. If I wanted a day off, yes, without question. If I needed an extra buck or two for lunch, yes. His reasoning was that just by saying yes, we are enabling people around us to accomplish things. Just that little positive thing we all need at one time or other.

    So when I mentor, I use yes as the answer to things like “can I do this?” I say yes, but sometimes offer a better way to do something from experience.

    We all need assistance from others in our lives at every level and we should always help when we can.

    If you do not learn something new every day of your life, you’re slacking.

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