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Jay Mueller is the owner and operator of JayLynne Enterprises. Making Money on the Inter.net will become his main site for sharing his Internet Marketing expertise. This page, explains what you’ll learn about Jay Mueller and Making Money on the Inter.net.

You’ll find a multitude of valuable information and products FOR FREE right here on this site. I provide these materials because I know that when you’re just starting out. Signing up (opt-in) for information includes you on mailing lists. Mailing lists can inundated you with emails offering the latest and greatest thing. You spend your hard earned money to buy it and then it hits you, ‘this is not what I thought it was’ and you can’t use it.

I know all to well how this feels and what a strain it can be on your pocket book. So, I’ll be offering loads of free information. You can then read and find out all about internet marketing.

I will include topics like:

  • setting up a site
  • blogging
  • getting traffic to your site
  • establishing and building your golden email list

I will have an IM Product area where you can purchase products to help you in many venues of IM. Many of my own products will be in there too. You can purchase these one by one as you need them if you’d like. I you become a Lifetime Gold Member, my products are all included. They will be listed by category so you can find what you need with ease.

Once you’re ready to move forward with your business, we offer a MEMBERS AREA for you to learn the nuts and bolts. Our MEMBERS AREA (Coaching) is always improving and expanding and we are loading content on a daily basis. It contains detailed information and step by step instruction on almost every topic of IM around. I will be creating at least bi-weekly content of value just for my members.

I’ll start at the beginning and will continue through your success.

  • Selecting and ordering a Domain Name for your website
  • Finding a Hosting Company for your website
  • Establishing a blog on your website
  • Modifying/customizing your website
  • What to blog about
  • How to blog for success and build your traffic from it
  • And it goes on and on……

So you’ll have access to all the information we’ve posted up to the date you become a member. You’ll get new bi-weekly content. And the clincher here is you will get each and every product I produce for one low Monthly Membership or Lifetime Gold Membership fee. Hardly any marketer gives away their products with a site membership. I plan to change that.

What are the BIG ADVANTAGE of this site compared to others? I’ll give you the information you need in the day to day business of operating your business. I have a technical background and will therefore provide the technical details of operating your website. I can even mentor you along the way.

These are VERY IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE in that internet marketing processes remain pretty basic. However, on the technical aspect side of things, there is new technology almost on a daily basis. I’ll be sorting these new technologies out for you so you can take advantage of them in your business.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Jay Mueller 

Jay Mueller was born in June of 1953 and grew up in Bloomington, Minnesota with his Mother, Father, four sisters and his brother.

Much of his time was spent with his brother working on cars and motorcycles. When they became old enough and responsible, they both worked on their Uncle Bill’s (Wild Bill) race cars and worked in the pits. They did a lot of fishing when dad wasn’t working. When Brian (Jay Mueller’s brother) was old enough to drive he used to take Jay with him on his fishing trips.


After graduating from High School, Jay Mueller joined the United States Army. He served in Thailand, Germany, Army Security Agency Headquarters and the Pentagon Telecommunications Center. At the end of eight years of service, Jay left the Army. He worked as a contractor for the government installing telecommunication centers, as well as, data storage and sharing facilities.

Moving on after one and a half years, he began working as a civil servant for the US Army INSCOM. Jay worked in many areas of expertise including:

  • engineering telecommunications and computer system facilities world wide
  • creation of budget proposals and defense of them at the congressional level
  • engineering and sustainability of computer systems for storage and dissemination of intelligence data

Jay is retired after 37 years (February 2009) from the United States Department of Defense. Jay Mueller has several websites about some of his key interests. He has joint ventured with several other internet marketers at varying levels. He is currently sharing his technical skills on his websites and in the Word Press Classroom as the forum moderator.

In his personal life Jay Mueller has been married to his wife Lynne for over 20 years. They currently live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. They have plans to move into their retirement place, a log cabin in the woods near Harrison, Arkansas. Jay Mueller has always enjoyed varying styles of music and is working hard to learn how to play guitar and sing. The other interests that both Jay and Lynne enjoy are riding their Harley Davidson motorcycles through the countryside, volunteering with animal rescue organizations and hiking in the Ozark Mountain Wilderness areas.

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