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100 Words – Blogging

100 WordsWhen you start to blog it is important to increase and use a full vocabulary. Learning a few new words each time you post in your blog will increase your vocabulary at a slow pace and you’ll hardly know how well your vernacular has improved over time.

The 100 Words list and idea came from authors (like me) using Ezine Articles. Increasing your vocabulary will make you a formidable writer which, in turn could make you an excellent author of articles over a wider range of expertise, meaning you can write articles for others and make a bit of extra cash.

Think about a blog post that you’ve read and thought “man that was a really good article.” More than likely the:

  • Title got your interest;
  • Solid Content kept your interest; and the
  • Vocabulary used made you think that the article was exceptional.

Therefore, your vocabulary can make or break your article, even if the content is the same. Do you wish to be a good author or an exceptional author? Remember you can write the same article in many ways. The difference is the vocabulary that your use.

100 Words – Evolution

Think of the evolution from writing at a High School Senior level to a Collage Graduate level. There is not much difference in writing styles, just an improved vocabulary. No you don’t have to use “big” words. You want to use several combinations of words having the same meaning. This way you can use BIG, LARGE, MASSIVE meaning the same thing in an article vice BIG everywhere in an article. Doing this enhances the reading of the article and keeps the reader reading longer.

100 Words – Conclusion

Start to add new words every time that you write a new post, page or article. Use several words that have the same meaning throughout the article. Create an easier reading article that retains the readers interest.

Check out the list of words below.

Want more info, click the chart and get the full skinny.

100 Words

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