100 Words You Should Use

100 Words – Blogging When you start to blog it is important to increase and use a full vocabulary. Learning a few new words each time you post in your blog will increase your vocabulary at a slow pace and you’ll hardly know how well your vernacular has improved over time. The 100 Words list […]

Website Creation Steps for a Client – 8

Website Creation Steps – Additional Planning in the Mix A reminder that this Website Creation Steps Series of posts follows the progress and decisions that Mark Jones (son of Grandpa and Ramona Jones) and I accomplish while building the Mark Jones Music Lessons website. It is taking us longer than we had imagined. The building […]

Website Creation Steps on Hold

Website Creation Steps – The Audio and Video Process I know this series on Website Creation Steps has been a long process and it seems to you that we are slow to put this website into operation. Actually we are working on things although we have run into some snags. This post is to bring […]

Website Creation Steps for a Client – 7

Website Creation Steps This issue in Website Creation Steps for a Client I include more details of the behind the scene work taking place. I’ll cover be covering discussions that Mark and I have had during my recent visit to Arkansas. I worked hard on my retirement house, building new clients and of course working […]

Website Creation Steps for a Client – 6

Website Creation Steps This week in Website Creation Steps for a Client I’m going to cover some of the “behind the scene” jobs that need to be accomplished. These are not tricks of the trade that marketers talk about. These are chores needing attention to detail that improves the overall site and its success. All […]

WP Cash Cow

WP Cash Cow – Membership Website in Minutes Matt Wolfe is now offering his WP Cash Cow video training for building easy and free membership sites to the world. Earlier this year Matt offered this packaged deal as a Warrior Forum Special Offer (WSO) and he made a bunch of sales. Realize that Warrior Forum […]

Website Creation Steps for a Client – 5

Fifth in the series of Website Creation Steps Site Operation and Layout Website Creation Steps – Structure on the site should be carried throughout every page and sub-page within the site. The visual your visitors see should be something that catches their attention but still be easy on the eyes. You don’t want too much […]

Website Creation Steps for a Client – 4

Website Creation Steps –You have to have a plan Website Creation Steps – Just a reminder that this follows the building of Mark Jones Music Lesson’s. Putting together good notes from your meetings with the client, you need to come up with a plan for the site that both of you agree on. In this […]

Website Creation Steps for a Client – 3

Website Creation Steps First Business Meeting Website Creation Steps – Saturday morning I was still in my sweat pants and t-shirt, drinking my coffee, while playing my guitar and singing. Mark arrived at my house pounding on my door with his notes in hand and excited to get started on his project. I had already […]

Website Creation Steps for a Client – 2

Website Creation Steps Prolog Website Creation Steps – Carrying on from last weeks post I get down into the initial discussions Mark Jones and I had on this Joint Venture to prepare for our first meeting. We of course are further along than the writings in our blogs and I have purchased the domain name […]

Website Creation Steps for a Client – 1

Website Creation Steps The Beginning Website Creation Steps – Mark Jones who is the son of Grandpa Jones and Ramona Jones approached me to build him a video training website a couple weeks ago. He plans on selling Banjo Training Videos which we will make available online and through DVD’s. I’ll be writing several posts […]

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